Next Generation Flat Panel Display Inspection

Nano-Optical Characterization of Electro-Luminescent Screens

Panel Display Inspection

OLED, QLED, and MicroLED screens are quickly becoming the new standard in the display market. Identifying nano-scale defects with full spectral and structural correlation is emerging as a critical need for these next generation screens. Nanonics NSOM systems can characterize sub-pixels on the nano-scale, enabling the analysis and correlation of key properties.

With just 1 NSOM scan, obtain a variety of measurements:


Morphology - for accurate thickness measurement on the nanoscale.

Investigate film coating uniformity and sub pixel topographic profile.

Sub-diffraction optical imaging with structural correlation.

Light Emission

Sub-diffractive resolution for assessing sub pixel uniformity.

Edge blurring and spill over identification.

Luminescence from 350-900 nm.


Examine sub-pixel color, quality, and stability inconsistencies.

Accurate color identification.


Nano-scale temperature measurements.

Fully compatible, and ready to be integrated, with existing tools:

AOI (Automated optical inspection)


Bright and dark optical microscopy



687px Flexible display

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